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What is TPS Campus?

Campus is an interconnected “campus” of spaces for TPS students to connect and gather in groups, clubs, meetings, discussions, study groups, or just to hang out.

Profiles and Photos

Add your personal avatar, customize your background, and tell others about yourself. Post photos to share your experiences. Access your groups and clubs. Manage your individual gallery and blog posts. Friend and follow others.

Meetups and Messages

Start or join live conversations or leave messages for groups or individuals. Upscale any conversation to an audio call or video gathering.

Galleries and Blogs

Share significant experiences with blog posts (individual or series), including images and photo galleries. Share your created works, including visual arts, music, videos, drawing, painting, sculpture, baking, cooking, and pretty much anything else. Share your writing, including poetry, music lyrics, short stories, multi-chapter novels, graphic novels, and any other writing you want to share. Enjoy the work of others. Comment on other’s created works, follow each other as artists and authors, or follow a series (e.g., blog, multi-chapter novel).

Groups and Clubs

Join groups or clubs to connect or gather around shared interests or purposes. Groups and clubs have their own member-only messages and meetups, forums, galleries, blogs, and more.

Class Groups

Every class has its own group ready for you to join. Each class group features member-only messages and meetups, galleries, blogs, and more. Form study groups, ask questions or help one another, work on labs or projects, or just hang out with classmates. If your TPS courses uses a forum for graded assignments, your course forum will be linked from this class group space.

Forum Discussions

A dedicated threaded discussion site for students to engage in mature respectful discussions on topics of interest to young adults.


In the second semester, the Yearbook is activated for that school year. Upload a yearbook photo, add your bio, and share significant memories, and add memorable pics from the school year. Write in each other’s Yearbook.

Get On Campus

Campus is a member-only private secure area available to any current TPS student. Registration is required with TPS staff human review of every registration for an identity and security check.

TPS Campus